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BKSS has become the ideal option for various bathroom solutions such as: countertops, sinks, floors and shower walls.
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BKSS will be presenting Kitchen surfaces resistant to scratching, high temperatures, stains and practically zero absorption in the near future.
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BKSS will introduce an interior line of architectural skins, capable of dressing up any space where it is used, in the near future.
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BKSS will be revelaing a low weight Solid Surface, perfect for the creation of exclusive furniture products, in the near future.
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As a Manufacturer, We Understand that Using High Quality Raw Materials Gives You a Product of Exceptional, and Lasting Quality

Let us help you make your design ideas a success BKSS has become the ideal option for various bathroom solutions such as: countertops, sinks, floors and shower walls.
  •  None porous material
  •  Never requires sealing
  •  Seamless joints
  •  Hygienic, easy to clean
  •  Eliminate leakage problems
  •  No mold
  •  No grout
  •  No bacteria
  •  Easily reparable
  •  Renewable


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Terrie Harvie Team Leader
Ian Atkinson CEO of Black Knight Solid Surface I bring to this company a vast knowledge of construction, renovation and production experience all in the interest of producing a high quality product for you.
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