Ian Atkinson, President

Ian Atkinson, PresidentOur management team is led by Ian Atkinson who researched and analyzed the potential and sustainability of a Solid Surface manufacturing facility in the Golden Horseshoe.

Ian is a contractor undertaking various renovation projects and bathrooms quickly became his specialty. After supplying and installing other substandard wall finishing’s, Ian’s frustration led him to start his own manufacturing business. “I can do better than this, I know I can”! Driven by his experience and enthusiasm he set out to produce top quality Solid Surface and provide exemplary customer service, second to none.

Having worked in manufacturing, assembly, renovations and general contracting there is very little that he has not done or troubleshot. Ian is a professional, hardworking, dedicated individual possessing attention to detail, perfection and respect.

"I bring to this company a vast knowledge of construction, renovation and production experience that I gained in England. With an engineering background, I fully understand production methods and mythology. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this company, with my expertise and that of our employees, Black Knight Solid Surface will be a major name in the renovation and construction industry in Ontario and Canada."